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Our Facebook page

Hey there everyone. A Facebook page for MUNUS 2012 has been created. Since most of us are kinda active on Facebook, this will provide a better platform for us to give you the latest updates, as well as the chance for you to interact with us.

Go to and like the page! You can also click on the link on the right sidebar.

We also would like to take this opportunity to wish the final years who are taking their final papers today good luck and also happy holidays to the first years!


Registration Closed

Please be informed that registration for MUNUS 2012 is now closed. As for the next few days, the person-in-charge of each sports will contact those that had submitted their names and make arrangements for selection trials. Thanks.

Team Registration

Registration for MUNUS are finally open! Medical students of University Malaya who are interested to take part in this annual sports event can contact the following person-in-charge to submit their details as follows:

IC number
Matric number
Phone number

Notices and flyers have been distributed around the Faculty of Medicine and 6th Residential College. Please refer to them to get their contact numbers.

1. Badminton – Tan Hong Quan

2. Tennis – Tan Soon Yee

3. Table Tennis – Ng Lim Hong

4. Squash – Lee Xin Ying

5. Basketball – Tan Chee Khing

6. Volleyball – Wong Ba Huang

7. Futsal – Lee Kam Wah

8. Netball – Fatasha

9. Football – Edin

10. Swimming – Seah Ru Bin

11. Softball – Shakinah

12. Handball – Ng Chong Jing

13. Jogathon – Chan Jia How

All submission must be done before 14th March 2012. Late entries will not be entertained. Selection of players will be decided by the person-in-charge with the help of the high committees. All decisions made are final.